Building Consultancy

Technical Due Diligence - Development Monitoring

Whenever a transaction involves development work that is not under the client’s direct control, technical due diligence should be considered. The due diligence will ensure that the technical aspects of the scheme are understood, the correct documentation is in place and that the works are completed to the correct standard and specification.

We undertake due diligence of construction projects, from an initial assessment of the scheme through to on site monitoring of the works. This includes a detailed pre-construction review covering procurement, appointments, plans and specifications, costings, programme, warranties etc. This is followed by site inspections during construction to monitor progress, compliance and costs.

Our clients are making a commitment to either purchase, fund, lend on or occupy the property before the development has been constructed. We understand the development interests of these clients and we work to ensure that they are properly represented.

Successful monitoring of developments relies on surveyors with experience and a broad knowledge of procurement, design and construction. This experience is gained from our continual involvement with acquisition surveys and development monitoring. We also have a commercial understanding of property through our general knowledge of the property industry.