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Business rates are a tax faced by each occupier of commercial property in the United Kingdom.

Your bill is based on the Valuation Officer’s assessment of the value of your property at a specific date. His assessment of the value is based on his knowledge and understanding of the market at that date. We believe that at Dixon Wright our ability to assess that market and to negotiate harder is superior to the Valuation Office and for this reason, where we identify a ground for appeal, we will always back ourselves to secure a rebate in liability.

The reduction of your business rates liability is basic step towards improving your profitability as a company. Proper, considered and accurate advice is essential at the first stage if a rates appeal is to be successful.

At Dixon Wright, our rating assessment process establishes each and every opportunity that will arise to reduce your ongoing liability. Where grounds for appeal arise, we will ensure they are taken and pursued to the bitter end. The approach we adopt for our clients is different if you are an occupier or an owner.

Rates appeals should only be considered when work has been done to allow confidence that a successful outcome will be forthcoming. As a badly considered rates appeal can lead to an increase in liability, your choice of consultant should be carefully made.

Business Rates Services For Owners

Our business rates service for property owners is designed to minimise the owners holding costs and to maximise the property’s commercial advantage in the marketplace in order to ensure that it is attractive to any potential tenant.

Business Rates for Occupier

Our business rates service for property occupier is designed to minimise rates liability at each and every opportunity. From the very first stage, we look for opportunities that enable you to save rates liabilities.

Our role covers each of the following items:

A general understanding of business rates issues is critical to any property owner or occupier because any change to a property and its surroundings can affect the business rating liability.